Dennis DeLois

Founder & President

While growing up, Dennis suffered from tongue-tie, stuttering, ADHD, and being labeled with slow learning disability (SLD). This led to him having to deal with many challenging issues such as bullying, isolation, feelings of unworthiness, and low self-esteem.
Dennis was held back in the first-grade year and was told repeatedly that he was a Special Ed student that had little chance of graduating from high school. Through constant grind and determination, Dennis graduated high school and five years later graduated from college with a B.S. in Education, a Major in Physical Education and Minors in Health and Biology. He taught and coached from K-12 during his career. Dennis retired from Palm Beach County Schools on May 2019.
The many years of dealing with these challenging issues has led him to be driven and passionate in helping children and teens facing similar circumstances.
Dennis: “I never taught or coached a bad child. I always saw the best in each one. The great thing about all children if their awareness of compassion and sincerity from an adult, mentor, teacher or coach they will respond with a natural positivity and is willing to learn. There isn’t anything better than seeing a child’s eyes light up and say ‘Hey, Coach, I can do this!’”
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