How the Special Olympics Help Your Child

The Special Olympics offers athletes around the world a chance to develop and display their athletic talents. The organization runs a special program for young children called Young Athletes. RevUp supports children in the Special Olympics by building their confidence and mental motor skills.

Review the benefits of the Special Olympics and RevUp’s programs now.

Improve Motor Skills

The Special Olympics Young Athletes program focuses on helping children improve their motor skills. Children who took part in the program developed motor skills over twice as quickly as other young people.

RevUp focuses on the connection between your child’s mind and body, encouraging mental motor skills through activities such as:

  • Jumping rope
  • Running / walking backwards
  • Lateral / side stepping
  • Punching a speed bag
  • Pull-ups
  • Fun dancing

The program also encourages the development of healthy habits, even after children complete the program.

Encourage Social Development

While the Special Olympics help people develop their athletic abilities, the program also bolsters social, learning, and emotional skills. Children focus on following directions, taking turns, and sharing with others in the program.

These skills are reinforced through RevUp’s program, which focuses on encouraging activity. Children are encouraged to empower their mental skills as they make their way through challenging activities.

Focus on the Future

The Summer Olympics provide a showcase of the best athletes in the world. Children from all walks of life enjoy watching the games and imagining themselves there.

The Special Olympics gives children of all skill levels a chance to compete to the best of their abilities. Keep your child motivated to pursue health and fitness with the programs offered by RevUp.

RevUp Supports the Benefits of the Special Olympics

Support your child’s physical and mental development through initiatives offered by the Special Olympics and the programs developed by RevUp. Start building your child’s confidence now by calling 561-358-7730.

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