Mental motor skills are essential in determining your child’s success in school. Children who have a chance to develop their motor skills have a higher tendency to enjoy learning and stay motivated. Our five RevUp activities are straightforward and superb for the motor development of children.

Once they can do something they will continue to do it on their own because it creates a sense of accomplishment.

Dennis Delois

What Are Motor Skills?

A child with strong motor skills develops better social skills and can make friends more easily. Psychologists usually break down motor skills into two different categories:

  • Gross motor skills: These skills involve moving larger muscles to produce movements of the whole body, including the ability to walk, jump, stand, and sit. Gross motor skills get better with coordination, early reactions, and body strength. They are the foundation for fine motor skills.
  • Fine motor skills: This type of motor skills requires smaller muscles to make concentrated movements, such as holding a pen to write. Other examples of fine motor skills are using scissors to cut, brushing your teeth, or opening something. Children who do not possess strong fine motor skills face many obstacles in school when it comes to writing.

Children who struggle to learn motor skills and coordination may have developmental coordination disorder. This condition can negatively impact school performance. These children need to practice physical activity at least twice a week.

Five RevUp Self-Esteem Activities

  •  Carioca is a fun dance that improves focus, coordination, flexibility, and concentration.
  •  Jump rope is a perfect activity for improving posture and endurance.Talk to teachers and others to understand your child’s behavior.
  • Backward walking is a fun exercise for strengthening control and balance.
  • Speed bag punching is an excellent activity for improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
  •  Pull-ups work the back and shoulder muscles.

Improve Your Child’s Life

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