Regular physical activity is a key factor in the brain development of elementary-school-age children. Studies show that students who are physically active have significantly better academic performance levels throughout the school day.

Bodies and brains work together. Parents and teachers should know that physical education activates different areas of the brain and helps children with standardized test-taking. The RevUp program’s activities are a terrific way to get kids moving to increase their heart rate and have a better academic experience.

This program’s activities are designed and tested to enhance your child’s mental motor skills and improve their overall self-esteem.

Dennis Delois

How Does Movement Help the Brain?

Many benefits of exercise relate to the brain. Physical movement increases the flow of oxygen to brain cells, which promotes the creation of new brain cells. In effect, this process improves mind-body communication through the development of neural pathways (called neurogenesis). Moving around also releases “happy chemicals,” like dopamine, which are essential in making sure kids feel good and motivated in school.

How does movement help the brain? Regular exercise can improve your child’s brain function by:

  •  Improving their memory and information acquisition
  • Increasing cognitive skills and test-taking abilities
  •  Improving social skills and behavior in class
  • Reducing stress and preventing depression
  • Increasing energy and motivation for learning
  • Elevating their mood

RevUp Can Help Children Move Their Bodies

RevUp’s five simple activities are the perfect way to get children moving. The program takes place for just 15 minutes two times a week. A break from classwork to do some physical exercise will keep children focused when they reenter the classroom.

The five RevUp activities include carioca, jump roping, backward walking, speed bag punching, and doing pull-ups. Other body movements, such as kicking a ball, hopping, racing, or participating in obstacle courses, are great ways to augment students’ brain function, as well. 

Don’t wait to introduce the importance of physical exercise to your children. Contact RevUp today at 561-358-7730 to find out more about our program.

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